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Welcome to StonePT

StonePT is the result of a partnership between Assimagra – Associação Portuguesa dos Industriais de Mármores, Granitos e Ramos Afins and IST – Instituto Superior Técnico, with the purpose of demonstrating the conformity of Portuguese natural stone products with the requirements established in technical documents.

StonePT it’s part of the Collective Efficiency Strategy of Natural Stone Cluster, including the Anchor Project: Valuation of Natural Stone, approved under the COMPETE/SIAC.

The main mission of this Organization is promoting and show the credibility of its marks, in both national and international levels, as well as all the companies associated to it.

StonePT values are based on independence, technical rigour and credibility as a mean to ensure its impartiality and integrity as/when in contact with different relating entities, assuring the adequate management of conflicts of interest.


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